About us

2014 Dec Melrose (9)
Travelling whatever the weather.

We are two owners of a blue campervan who are working and saving towards early retirement in early 2017, when Mr BOTRA (BackOnTheRoadAgain) will be 59 and I (Ms BOTRA) will be 57.

Our way of living is to enjoy today while having an eye on the future; this means that we try and find a balance between living frugally and saving to the max while doing stuff we like, just in case we don’t make it to retirement.  Consequently, we have lots of time away in our ‘van and go to rock concerts, comedy gigs and eat out every now and then.

We have been working towards retirement since 2006, after we bought our first campervan, got hooked on the lifestyle and hatched a plan to escape the nine to five.  Fitting in with our live-in-the-moment philosophy we had a gap year travelling around southern Europe in our ‘van in 2009/2010.  These travels are chronicled in this blog.

I gave more detail of how we funded the gap year on a post in our previous blog but in summary it involved downsizing to a small flat, selling our ‘stuff’ on Ebay and working as many jobs as we could to maximise our income.

Travelling for a year in the campervan made us even more determined to retire as soon as we could but this looked some way off as the Government put state pensions further out of reach, changed our public sector pensions and made a pay rise a thing of the past.  And yet, as others looking for financial independence know, you won’t get there without starting the savings plan and so little by little we were building up a retirement pot.  An unexpected inheritance in 2014 enabled us to bring our retirement date forward by quite a few years and we really appreciate how lucky we were to receive this.



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